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Products for the Gas Industry
Pen Arm Guide
The Welker Slot Chart Chart Variations
Products for Integration and Calibration Our Gas Products PDF
Series 77™ Disposable Pens Russian

Gas Measurement

Graphic Controls offers the unique combination of Recording Charts and Disposable Pens... Tailored to your Measurement Requirements.

Graphic Controls is a world leader of recording charts and high quality disposable pens, pen arms, inks and accessories. We manufacture charts and pens to fit the majority of recorders in use today.

The enormous variety of recording charts made by Graphic Controls includes circular, strip, rectangular and fanfold charts...ink-writing, heat-sensitive, pressure-sensitive and electrosensitive. These charts are used in instruments that record physical measurements such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, liquid level, electric current and voltage...magnetic, seismic and similar information.

Graphic controls is a single-source supply for your total recording chart requirements. And we bring more than 50 years experience to bear on the custom design of charts to fill special needs -- for any application.

For your Gas Measurement System: Recording Charts and Disposable Pens from Graphic Controls

Graphic Controls manufactures the charts and disposable pens we sell -- so we've taken the time to make sure they work well -- Together.

  • Optimal 7 mil thickness to provide stiffness and curl control for use in the field under normal and high stress conditions.
  • All disposable pens are designed to meet exacting environmental and performance standards to ensure consistent high quality.
  • Easy recording retrofit with patented POSILOC™ Pen Arms.
  • Compatibility with OEM Specifications to ensure continued reliable performance, that meet or exceed American Gas Association (AGA) specifications.
  • Our manufacturing facility has obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification. We are especially proud to be among the many manufactures who have received certification to this exacting standard on our first application. You can be assured that every product we offer meets the highest quality standards and will provide you with reliable performance in the most demanding and critical operations.
gas pens gas pens

Look for our "Gas Flame" logo on series 72™ and Series 79™ Disposable Pens:

  • gas logoThe Intense black ink in our Static Pens allows you to forget about retracing!
  • Our redesigned bias cut nib covering design provides enhanced visibility while arcing the pens and setting the time lag.
  • Our continued commitment to excellence for all of our Gas Measurement Products ensures your satisfaction.

Series 72™ and 79™ Scannable Pens are designed to produce CLEAN, SCANNABLE charts.

  • Broader line width assures reliable scanner processing.
  • Exclusive Graphic Controls inks virtually eliminate skips and estimations.
  • All temperature ink ensures a solid, scannable trace in all types of climates.
  • Pen Arrays can be calibrated to a 15 minute lag (.090") between Differential and Static pens on the Zero Line of a 24 hour chart.
  • Scannable pens allow you to increase the number of charts that can be scanned and will improve the accuracy of your billing operation.

Series 72™ and 79™ Fine Line Pens for Integrators offer performance advantages to gas industry companies that process their charts manually.

  • Fine-point pen tips provide sharply defined lines.
  • Thinner lines allow integrator operators to trace the flow of gas more accurately.
  • Pen Arrays can be calibrated to a 15 minute time lag (.090") between Differential and Static pens on the Zero Line of a 24 hour chart.

Part Numbering System

Gas Industry pens use a 10-digit part number. The Marking System Guide lists gas industry pens with the appropriate recorders.

pen numbering system

These products are warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship. Because of the variety of uses to which these products may be put, seller does not warrant that they can be used for any particular purpose and disclaims all other warranties, whether expressed or implied.

welker slot chart

The Welker Slot Chart

When you need chart-changing reliability. After years of customer usage in both field and off-shore operations, not a single major operating problem has been reported. Automatic chart changing provides gas transmission companies with accurate chart data, which results in a greater amount of billable gas and increased revenues. The reliability factor of the Welker Slot Chart has been a remarkable achievement of design and quality assurance in our chart repertoire. Welker Slot Charts are used by most of the major gas transmission companies in the United States and the market’s continued reliance on our charts is a testament to the accuracy and reliability of our product offering.

We print, die-cut and punch our charts with precision, custom designed equipment. The accuracy of our chart products is the result of millions of dollars of investment in state of the art instruments and equipment. Our financial investments and commitment to continuous improvement allow us to provide exceptional quality and fulfill the most critical requirements of gas measurement. Used with the Mullins Dial-O-Graph® Automatic Chart Changer, our charts with the exclusive Welker Slot provide fast, accurate and reliable readings. It can be expensive and frustrating when charts become jammed or damaged during the measurement process but the reliability and durability of our high quality charts will make these problems an afterthought.

Welker Slot Charts offer scanner ink in two shades, readout holes, back-printing and overprinting. Our charts function properly on all scanner and integrator units.
Dial-O-Graph® is a registered trademark of the Mullins Manufacturing Company.

Calibration Discs

Gas Measurement Supervisors For the calibration of your electro scanners and manual integrators, Graphic Controls has the answer. For years Graphic Controls has been selling Calibration Discs to instrument manufacturers for the daily calibration of their equipment.

The accuracy and precision of our Calibration Discs exceeds the American Gas Association AGA-5 specifications.

The most popular Calibration Discs are listed below but if you have any special requirements, contact your sales representative or call our Customer Service Department at the telephone number on the back of this brochure for assistance.

Ordering Description
Description Breakdown
CBD 001
Linear Scribing for American Meter (Wescott) - Foxboro - Rockwell
CBD 005 Linear & Square Root Scribing for American Meter (Wescott) - Foxboro
CBD 007 Custom Made Calibration Discs

Series 85™ Integrator Pen

The Series 85™ Integrator Pen eliminates the time-consuming and messy chores of filling and cleaning your integrator’s tracing pens by replacing bottles of ink with a clean, reliable disposable pen.

Filled and sealed at our on-site factory, the Integrator Pen is a revolutionary self-contained ink system. There’s no chance of leaks, spills or clogs and for your convenience, you never have to touch the ink.

Integrator Pen - Series 85

Plain dial charts and blotters are available for many different applications. For more information, contact your sales representative or call our Customer Service Department at the telephone number on the back of this brochure.

Available In 5 Colors
82-85-0011-10 82-85-0012-10 82-85-0013-10 82-85-0014-10 82-85-0018-10
Each pack comes with 10 Pens of a Single Color

Series 77™ Disposable Pens

disposable pensOur Graphic Controls Series 77 pens couple field retrofit with the convenience and reliability of our Disposable Pens. The pens will quickly convert 1, 2 or 3 pen recorders. They are the ONLY disposables available for this chart-changer equipped application.

What makes these pens different? Their shape! The pen body has been moved away from the writing tip and just a thin metal stylus extends down to the chart’s surface. This way, nothing interferes with the critical chart-changing cycle.

Non Chart-Changing Applications
Series 77™ disposable pens are also recommended for applications where frequent pulsation causes writing problems.

To Install
Simply remove the old ink system, connect the pen to its pen arm and place it on the recorder. The pen arm’s slotted end allows plenty of room for adjustment to meet the arc line.

Pen Part No
Pen Arm No.
Series 77 / To Fit: American Meter
80-36-3640-01 (1)
80-36-3650-01 (2)
80-36-3650-01 (2)
Series 77/ To Fit: Barton
*All pen bodies are color coded to match the ink they contain.
Blue Pens are available for inner position: Order 82-77-1003-03
(1) Right Hand Adjustment
(2) Left Hand Adjustment

Posiloc™ Pen Arm Guide

American Meter
Indent. Letter Instrument Model Number / Size GC Part Number
To fit all positions 12" Recorder 80-36-2490-01
12" Orifice Meter        
Temperature and Differential
Static 80-36-0970-01      
Instrument Model Number/Size Function     GC Part Number
8" Round
Single Pen Pressure 80-36-3330-01
Volume 80-36-0990-01
Two Pen Pressure 80-36-3330-01
Volume 80-36-0990-01
Temperature 80-36-3340-01
Instrument Model Number Replacement for GC Part Number
12" Recorders Differential & Static 80-36-2430-01
Model 202 Differential & Static 80-36-1331-01
Instrument Model Number Adjustable Pen Arm (GC NUMBER) Standard Pen Arm Light Weight Pen Arm
10" Round Case and 12" Rectangular Case (Model 40) Recorders 80-36-2420-01 80-36-1190-01 80-36-3130-01
80-36-1200-01 80-36-3140-01
80-36-1210-01 80-36-3150-01
80-36-1220-01 80-36-3160-01
Rectangular Case (Model 30) and 12" Round Case 80-36-2410-01 80-36-1230-01 80-36-3170-01
80-36-1240-01 80-36-3180-01
80-36-1250-01 80-36-3190-01
80-36-1260-01 80-36-3200-01
80-36-1270-01 80-36-3210-01
Instrument Model Number Description GC Part Number
#800 Series (8")
#1200 Series (12")
#1 Temperature 80-36-3710-01
#2 Pressure
#3 Volume
#900 Series (12")
#700 Series (8", 10", 12")
#1 Temperature 80-36-3740-01
#2 Pressure
#3 Volume

Chart Variations

Graphic Controls offers the variations listed below to meet your unique application requirements. We can also produce private label charts designated with your company's identification to meet your organizational chart needs. Questions about additional variations may be posed directly to sales representatives


  • Scanner Gray/Blue
  • Back Print
  • Non-Standard Color
  • Over Prints


  • Dial-O-Graph Slotting
  • Welker Slotting
  • Automatic-Meterman Slotting

Extra Holes

  • Read out Hole
  • Special Holes


  • Non-Standard Paper
Gas Measurement    
Dickson Product Range

Gas Measurement - Recording Charts, Disposable Pens and Pen Arms


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Please use our Chart Search and our Pen Search to find the charts and markers you need today! If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service department at +44 1803 860100 (UK) or +32 9228 1046 (Europe)



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