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Thermal Paper
Post Consumer Waste & Recycling Initiatives

Graphic Controls is committed to operating in a manner that conserves natural resources and protects our shared environment.

Graphic Controls has made a commitment to:

  • Operating in a manner that conserves and protects the earth's resources.
  • Operating in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Holding managers accountable for environmental performance.
  • Encouraging process modifications that reduce waste and pollution.
  • Implementing internal recycling programs.
  • Implementing self monitoring programs, evaluation, and reporting to ensure compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and continuous improvement.

Manufacturing Waste Recycling Program

Set-up waste and production trim from our printing and converting processes are mechanically sorted and sold for recycled content to local recycling merchants.

In-Process Recycled Content

Graphic Controls thermal paper products contain between 5% and 7% of in-process recycled paper.

FSC Forest Stewardship Council

FSC Certification is carried by the paper mill which manages the forest lands from which our thermal ticket paper originates

SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Additionally, our mills are certified to the competitive SFI standard. The SFI Certification is conferred by and accredited independent auditing organization. Conferees submit to rigorous audits including on-the-ground assessments of the organization's operations and management of forest lands.

100% Recyclable Thermal Paper

Graphic Controls thermal paper is 100% recyclable. While Graphic Controls does not sustain a direct consumer recycling program for our products, many local recyclers readily accept thermal papers into their waste management programs.

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